Saturday, July 4, 2015

RVN Presidential Guard Insignia VNCH

Republic of Vietnam Presidential Guard insignia, mid-1960s-70s, RVNHS Archive.

            The primary responsibility of the Republic of Vietnam Presidential Guard (Lữ đoàn Liên binh phòng vệ Phủ Tổng thống - 1955-1963, Liên Đoàn An Ninh Danh Dự - post-1963 ) was the protection of the nation's head of state. However, the Presidential Guard served many other functions, which included the escort, reception, and protection of other governmental leaders as well as foreign dignitaries. The members of the Presidential Guard were drawn from units in all branches of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. Candidates for the guard were chosen as a result of exceptional qualities and performance. Serving in the guard was considered to be a great honor. The insignia shown here from the RVNHS Archive was the shoulder patch worn by members of the guard from the mid-1960s to 1970s, and bears evidence of having been removed from a uniform. Most photographs show this insignia in use on the white parade uniforms typically worn by the Presidential Guard, but it could also appear on fatigues, camouflage, or other dress uniforms worn by guard members.
Members of the Republic of Vietnam Presidential Guard, 1960s.
A member of the Republic of Vietnam Presidential Guard on sentry duty, 1960s.

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