Sunday, February 22, 2015

Military Theme Collage Portraits

         Visiting a photographer`s studio for portraits in military uniform was as common a practice for soldiers of The Republic of Vietnam as those in any armed forces. Portraits marked special occasions, such as the completion of a training program, treasured leave at home with family and friends, or just as a souvenir of friendship between comrades in arms. A common practice in photographers` studios was the blending of the portrait into a military themed collage. The added material could take the form of drawings or paintings, as well as other photographic works. Included in this posting are two examples of military theme collage portraits from the RVNHS collection.

A military collage for an airborne soldier,
featuring a romanticly themed graphic, ca. 1960s.

Two soldiers (in tiger stripe camouflage) pose beside 
a juxtaposed image of a helicopter and airborne landing, ca, 1960s.