Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thủ Đức Military Academy Dress Epaulettes

Thủ Đức Military Academy epaulettes with one bar denoting
a cadet with over one year`s training.

          The Thủ Đức Military Academy was located in the Saigon area, and was the alma mater of many officers of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. A variety of programs were run by the academy, and the ties made between classmates during their training days can still be seen today in the active veterans` alumni associations.

Tran Van Qui as a Thủ Đức Military Academy cadet
in formal uniform with epaulettes.

       Pictured here from the RVNHS collection are a set of epaulettes from the academy, in the school`s colors (each military academy had its own color scheme for epaulettes). Time spent at the academy varied by the particular course of study, and the current needs of the armed forces. Horizontal bars on cadet epaulettes signified years spent in a particular program, with the absence of bars denoting less than a year.

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