Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chiêu Hồi Program Poster

Chiêu Hồi Program Poster, ca. 1960s, RVNHS Collection.
             The Chiêu Hồi Program was a campaign started by The Republic of Vietnam to encourage defections from Communist operatives to the side of the republic. It began on a small scale in the early years of the republic, but became a major program by the late 1960s. It was staffed by military personnel from The Republic of Vietnam assigned to the program, as well as civilian staff and volunteers. The campaign consisted of leaflets, posters, and other material encouraging defection being distributed in areas of enemy activity. Those enemy personnel who took up the offer were then taken to centers where they were gradually integrated into the republic. Many defectors chose to serve in the ranks of the military of The Republic of Vietnam while others took on roles of intelligence operatives for the republic, or returned to civilian life. In total, upwards of 100,000 enemy personnel defected to the republic through the program.
Chiêu Hồi military and civilian staff,
(note the black uniform of the Chiêu Hồi military personnel), 1960s.
        In this posting, we would like to highlight an original Chiêu Hồi Program poster from the RVNHS Collection. The theme of the poster is a common one for the visual material of the program. Tranquility, peace, and happiness were highlighted. Enemy soldiers were encouraged to think about their families and loved ones, and consider the strains their activities against the republic were putting on them.

Chiêu Hồi themed postage stamp, RVNHS Collection.

General Do Cao Tri giving a speech at a Chiêu Hồi center, 1960s.

A Chiêu Hồi center, 1960s.

Chiêu Hồi and other military personnel, 1960s.

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