Monday, March 23, 2015

VNAF Patch Variations

           VNAF personnel receiving training, 1960s.
           The insignia of the military of The Republic of Vietnam is a very diverse subject. Different makers, methods, materials, and designs result in an immense variety of insignia - the full extent of which is unknown and likely never will be. In this posting, RVNHS would like to highlight one example of how different variants can exist for the same insignia. Posted here are five variations of the general VNAF (Vietnamese Air Force) patch, which was worn on the left pocket for fatigue uniforms or the right shoulder on dress uniforms. These five variations differ by color, material, and manufacturing method, but these five do not represent all variations of this patch. This diversity is just one aspect that makes the insignia of The Republic of Vietnam a never ending study.
Silk woven VNAF patch, RVNHS Archive.
Machine embroidered Thai made VNAF patch, RVNHS Archive.
Subdued machine embroidered VNAF patch, RVNHS Archive.
Hand embroidered VNAF patch, RVNHS Archive.
Printed VNAF patch, RVNHS Archive.

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