Sunday, March 15, 2015

War Dogs in the QLVNCH / ARVN

Dog Teams at the QLVNCH Dog Training School
January 7, 1972.
      The military of The Republic of Vietnam employed K-9 teams in the same way as armies throughout the world continue to do in present day. The "war dogs" served vital roles as scouts, security, and taking on dangerous tasks that their human counterparts were unable to perform. Each dog was partnered with a trainer who worked and lived side-by-side with the dog virtually twenty-four hours a day. The strong bonds formed between the men and the canines was not unlike that between their human fellow servicemen and women, and, like their human brothers and sisters in arms, the dogs were also susceptible to falling casualty in combat.
QLVNCH Dog Unit Patches. Top Left: Dog Training School, Units 2-11,
RVNHS Collection.
       Dogs served in all branches of the military. Trainers either directly enlisted in the military to become a trainer, or were selected from already serving members in regular units. Veterinary units also existed to maintain the dogs` welfare and offer first aid. German shepherds were by far the most common breed that served in the republic`s military, but examples of breeds in the service can also be found.
QLVNCH Dog Training School Flag.

Dog Teams at the QLVNCH Dog Training School,
note the uniforms of different branches of the trainers, 1960s.

Dog Trainer and Dog at the QLVNCH Dog Training School,
January 7, 1972.

Dog Teams at the QLVNCH Dog Training School, 1960s.

Dog Teams exercising at the QLVNCH Dog Training School, 1960s.

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