Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Republic of Vietnam Navy Gallantry Cross

Republic of Vietnam Navy Ship HQ1 Tran Hung Dao
(Photo from VNAFMAMN Website)

        In addition to the military Gallantry Cross referenced in an earlier post by RVNHS, specific gallantry crosses existed for the navy and air force. In this posting we would like to highlight the Navy Gallantry Cross. Like the Gallantry Cross, the Navy Gallantry Cross was awarded for recognition of bravery and achievement, in this case for any actions undertaken as part of naval operations. The Navy Gallantry Cross was the most widely issued decoration by The Republic of Vietnam Navy ( Hải quân Việt Nam Cộng hòa ).

Navy Gallantry Cross with Bronze Anchor, RVNHS Collection.

        The Navy Gallantry Cross came in four degrees. Rather than stars and palm devices, as was the case for the Gallantry Cross, the Navy Gallantry Cross employed colored anchors. The initial level of the award did not have a device. Subsequent higher levels consisted of bronze, silver, and gold anchors.
Naval officer on parade, Navy Gallantry Cross can be seen on chest.

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