Saturday, February 16, 2013

Little Saigon Tet Festival - Garden Grove 2013

RVNHS was invited to participate with a display in this year's Tet Festival in Garden Grove, California. The festival drew thousands of visitors, many of whom stopped by to view the display. Of particular importance was the opportunity to interact with Republic of Vietnam military veterans who were in attendance. There was a lot of interest in the display. Many conversations took place discussing the history of the Republic of Vietnam, and personal memories of military service. As always, the main purpose of RVNHS for doing these displays is to promote the history of the republic, and interact with veterans and their families. This display was no exception. The Tet Festival proved to be a highly successful event, and we would like to thank all who stopped by to view the display. The many positive comments the display received were greatly appreciated and encouraging. Below are just a few photos of the event.