Sunday, August 16, 2015

Veteran Airborne NCO Grouping - Nhay du

Document grouping to Phạm Tân Chánh, 1952-1970, RVNHS Archive.
              This document grouping from the RVNHS Archive is to a long serving airborne non-commissioned officer in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. The grouping consists of four documents to Phạm Tân Chánh. The earliest document is a French military good conduct certificate from 1952, where Phạm has the rank of corporal. The last document is from 1970, with him as a warrant officer (Thượng Sĩ).

Phạm Tân Chánh, 1955, RVNHS Archive.

      Phạm Tân Chánh's military career is not dissimilar to that of many soldiers in the Republic of Vietnam who entered service prior to 1955 under the State of Vietnam, and continued to serve through the entirety of the republic's history. It was soldiers like Phạm Tân Chánh who formed the early foundation of the Republic of Vietnam military and continued to remain the central backbone in the nation's military throughout its history. In this posting we would like to reflect on the legacy of these soldiers who served at the republic's beginning to the final years.
Phạm Tân Chánh, 1952 dated certificate, RVNHS Archive.
Phạm Tân Chánh, 1955 dated certificate, RVNHS Archive.
Phạm Tân Chánh, 1954 dated certificate, RVNHS Archive.
Phạm Tân Chánh, 1970 dated certificate, RVNHS Archive.


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