Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Army of the Republic of Vietnam Ordnance Insignia - QLVNCH

Republic of Vietnam Ordnance Insignia. Top: Shoulder patch, printed cotton.
Bottom: Qualification badge, silk woven in color (left); Qualification badge, hand embroidered in subdued (right). Circa 1960s-70s, RVNHS Archive. 
      The Ordnance Branch of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam oversaw the distribution, management, and procurement of armaments for the armed forces. Members of ordnance units underwent specialist training at the Ordnance Training Center near Tan Son Nhut. Trainees who qualified would be awarded the ordnance qualification badge that was worn above the right pocket. Variations of this badge included different colored variants in silk woven or printed cotton form as well as subdued and hand embroidered types. A metal version of the badge also existed. Those who completed courses at the Ordnance Training Center would either serve in units directly under the authority of the Ordnance Branch or as ordnance personnel in other branches of the armed forces.
Trainees at the Army of the Republic of Vietnam Ordnance Training Center
near Tan Son Nhut install a remote control detonating and disarming device
 to disarm or destroy a simulated 105 MM round.
Note the ordnance qualification badge on the soldier at center.
    Aside from managing ordnance supplies for the republic's armed forces, ordnance personnel were also required to handle captured enemy weapons and disarm them as needed in addition to defusing faulty ordnance. The work was highly dangerous, and many ordnance personnel fell casualty to armaments as they attempted to remove and disarm them long after the related combat engagements had ceased.
Republic of Vietnam Ordnance Officers of the 7th Ordnance Company of the 7th Division enjoy a break after a day's work in My Tho. The man second from left is identified as a "Captain Linh," commander of the 7th Ordnance Company. The American soldier is a member of the 61st Medical Detachment. 1967-8.

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