Friday, September 4, 2015

Early Vietnamese Airborne Sleeve Patch ARVN Nhay du

Early Vietnamese airborne sleeve patch, silk woven, circa early 1960s, RVNHS Archive.
            Like most Vietnamese military units, airborne branch insignia changed at different points in history. There were three main incarnations of the standard airborne patch. Shown here is the short-lived second pattern insignia. Some date this insignia as first appearing in the late 1950s, other say it did not appear until 1960. Contemporary photographs of this insignia in use are scarce.
A rare contemporary photograph of this insignia in use, November 18, 1960.
       What is certain is the insignia was only briefly used, and by the mid-1960s had been replaced with the third, and more common version of the airborne patch. Both the second and last version also share some basic elements in common, which include an eagle surmounting a parachute canopy against a red frame.
Last version of the Vietnamese airborne sleeve patch, silk woven, 1960s-70s, RVNHS Archive.
Vietnamese airborne officers with the last version of the airborne sleeve patch.

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