Thursday, September 17, 2015

VNAF Cessna O-1 Bird Dogs in flight Photo

VNAF Cessna O-1 Bird Dogs off the coast of Vietnam, 1960-70s, RVNHS Archive.
              From the RVNHS Archive, an original period photo of Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) Cessna O-1 Bird Dogs in formation flying off the coast of Vietnam. The photograph appears to have been taken from an accompanying aircraft. These planes were commonly used for aerial reconnaissance, target spotting, and other reconnoitering operations. They could be operated by a one or two person crew, and became a mainstay of the VNAF. Please see our August 20th post on Major Lý Bửng's Flight to Freedom for one of the most famous tales of a VNAF Cessna O-1 Bird Dog.

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