Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Quân Trường Đồng Đế - Dong De Military Academy - QLVNCH

Graduation day at the Dong De Military Academy, 1970s.
              The Dong De Military Academy was located in Nha Trang. The academy provided training to non-commissioned officers as well as officer cadets. Specialized training courses were also offered. During its history, thousands would pass through the academy's gate to receive commissions in the military of the Republic of Vietnam.
Dong De Military Academy cadet visor cap and period photo, circa 1960s-70s,
RVNHS Archive.
A cadet at the Dong De Military Academy in formal uniform, 1970s.
             The uniform and insignia worn by cadets at Dong De was similar to that of those at other military academies in the country. The school had a unique shield-shaped insignia, which was worn as a patch on the sleeve in addition to as a badge on visor caps. Formal shoulder epaulettes were black with green fringe, similar to those worn at the Thu Duc Military Academy. The academies of Dong De, Thu Duc, and Dalat together provided the mainstay for the training of officers and non-commissioned officers for the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces.
Dong De Military Academy material: School shoulder sleeve patch, textbook, and diploma,
 circa 1960s-70s, RVNHS Archive.
Portrait of cadets of class 10 at the Dong De Military Academy, 1972, RVNHS Archive.
A veteran alumni color guard for the Dong De Military Academy, 2015.

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  1. My grandfather went to the Dong De Military Academy! I’ve been trying to find information about it so thank you for sharing this!