Thursday, June 2, 2016

VNAF Crewman Personal Effects 1975 - KQVNCH

Vietnam Air Force crewman's personal effects: civilian and military identification cards, dog tags, and locket, circa 1960s-70s, RVNHS Archive.
          This grouping of personal effects belonged to a member of the Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF). He was born in Hanoi in 1950, and was likely one of the many who made the migration south after partitioning. Included in the grouping are civilian and military identification cards as well as a pair of dog tags on a chain with a locked attached. The cards showing his military identification date to a period that would make them still valid in April of 1975.
Vietnam Air Force crewman's personal effects: details of photos as they appear on the identification cards and locket, 1960s-70s, RVNHS Archive.
          The identification cards show him last serving with the 4th Air Division, which was based at Binh Thuy Airbase near the city of Can Tho. The division oversaw the 74th and 84th Tactical Wings. The airman was a sergeant, and he wears a pair of flight wings, signifying him as likely the member of an air crew - although it is not certain to which unit he belonged specifically. Along with his two dog tags on the chain is a personal locket. On one side it features his photo. On the reverese, the image of an unknown woman. It is not known what relationship existed between the two, but it is certain they were close.
Vietnam Air Force crewman's personal effects: details of opposite sides of locket, 1970s,
RVNHS Archive.
          This small grouping of items offer a glimpse into the personal identity of one member of the republic's armed forces in its final months. These items were kept together as a reflection of that identity for posterity into the present. This post is hoped to highlight such individual memories, and encourage others to ensure their preservation for future generations.

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