Tuesday, November 3, 2015

QLVNCH Armor Qualification Badge - Thiết giáp Việt Nam Cộng hòa

Republic of Vietnam armored vehicles on parade, 1960s.
                      Like many other armed forces around the world, the Republic of Vietnam military awarded qualification badges for particular areas of specialization. Examples include qualification badges for signals, transportation, ranger, and armor. These qualifications were awarded to personnel who completed training in these specific fields and undertook service in these areas. In this posting, we would like to look at some examples of the armor qualification badge.
Republic of Vietnam armor qualification badge, metal, RVNHS Archive.
Republic of Vietnam armor personnel with qualification badges, 1969, RVNHS Archive.
                    Qualification badges were worn on the right side of the chest above the pocket. They could take the form of either metal, embroidered, or cloth or silk woven insignia. The qualification badges demonstrated proficiency in a specialized area, and the recipients wore these badges with great pride. The armor qualification badge design also doubly served as the emblem for the armor branch.
Republic of Vietnam armor qualification badge, silk woven, RVNHS Archive.
Republic of Vietnam armor personnel,
note the silk woven qualification badge on the soldier at far left, 1967.

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